Kate Amrine’s Music From Good Shepherd Trumpet Trio Performance Reviewed in Sound Word Sight Reply

TrumpetTrio-300x244Masters trumpet student Kate Amrine’s trumpet trio performance for Music From Good Shepherd, a concert series in Brooklyn, received a review in Sound Word Sight on December 12 for a performance of works by Britten, Scelsi, Lang, Mauer, Bach, Elkin, and Tomasi on Sunday, November 29. The trio, led by Ms. Amrine, also included Lynn Chao and Alexandria Smith. “All three perform well together with considerable elan and accuracy,” wrote music critic Mark Greenfest. Read the full review here. Ms. Amrine is a student of Joe Burgstaller.

Joe Burgstaller to Perform with Malaysian Philharmonic’s Principal Brass Quintet and Qingdao Symphony Orchestra Reply

20120420_tgf_trumpetFaculty artist Joe Burgstaller will perform as host and lead trumpet for the Malaysian Philharmonic’s Principal Brass Quintet as well as guest principal trumpet for the orchestra itself. Mr Burgstaller will also perform several solo concerts in China with the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra for its New Years Series. In January, Mr. Burgstaller will return to the Water Island Music Festival, curated by Peabody graduate Julian Gargiulo (MM ’97, Piano), and then co-headline the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast along with trumpeter Sean Jones at University of Alabama at Birmingham on January 15-17. Early 2016 also brings a guest appearance on a new CD release by Grammy-nominated pianist Hector Martignon entitled La Banda Grande, in which Mr. Burgstaller duets with soprano Brenda Feliciano-D’Rivera on a crossover version of Bach’s Erbarme Dich. In September, Canadian figure skating champion Elladj Baldé won the gold medal at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany skating to the accompaniment of Mr. Burgstaller’s trumpet on Echoes of Harlem from his 2009 solo release, Mozart’s Blue Dreams.

American Studio Orchestra Presents Multimedia Exhibition “Pearls on a String” Reply

aso-walters-poster-960px-02The American Studio Orchestra, including faculty artists Tim Murphy, piano and keyboards, Gary Thomas, saxophone and flute, Alex Norris, trumpet, and Blake Meister, bass, presents Pearls on a String, a multimedia piece in three parts, mirroring the exhibition’s vignettes. The work will be augmented for its world premiere by projections of works from the show and a spoken narrative. The event will take place Thursday, December 10 at 7:00 pm at The Walters Art Museum. Visit the orchestra’s website for more information and view the press release here.

Joe Burgstaller Talks Hummel, TrumpetFest, and More on Winnipeg’s Classic 107 Reply

Photo_JoeFaculty artist Joe Burgstaller was recently interviewed on Winnipeg’s Classic 107 Morning Light by radio host Michael Wolch discussing Hummel and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s TrumpetFest, in which Mr. Burgstaller is one of two featured artists. The festival takes place on November 6-15 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Watch the full interview here.

Alex Norris Organ Quartet’s Extension Deadline CD Reviewed in DownBeat Magazine Reply

Jazz trumpet faculty artist Alexander Norris‘s latest CD release, Extension Deadline, received 4.5 out of 5 stars in a review DownBeat Magazine. The album features Norris on trumpet with drummer Rudy Royston, saxophonist and faculty artist Gary Thomas, and pianist-organist George Colligan. Read the full review here.