Viacheslav Dinerchtein To Release CD Set Reply


Viacheslav Dinerchtein (MM ’99, GPD ’01, Viola; GPD ’02, Chamber Ensemble) recorded a 2-CD set of the complete viola sonatas by Mieczysław Weinberg. This is a major three-year project, about to be released worldwide by Sony Music in a special centenary edition – that is, with rare photos, texts by personalities such as Gidon Kremer. Dinerchtein also contributed to the booklet with a mini-essay, The Butterfly Effect: An attempt to understand why I recorded the Four Viola Solo Sonatas by Mieczysław Weinberg, which he hopes to share via several journals in form of an article.

Bergamot Quartet Featured in Baltimore Sun Reply

bergamotThe Bergamot Quartet, comprised of Ledah Finck (BM ’16, MM ‘18, Violin) and current Peabody students Sarah Thomas (BM ‘17, Violin); Amy Tan, viola; and Irène Han (MM ’18, Cello), was featured in the Baltimore Sun. The article talks about how they got their start and their plans for the future. Members of the quartet comment on their experiences with and hopes for the group.

Violin Students Accept Orchestra Positions Reply

Peabody violin students have accepted orchestra positions to begin in September. Huan Ci, violin, will join the Symphony Orchestra of Center Conservatory of Music as section violin. Chuanzi Wang, violin, has accepted a position as section violinist with the Sichuan Symphony Orchestra. Finally, Yat Sze Wong, violin, has accepted a section violin position with the Phoenix Symphony.

David and Becky Starobin Write Libretto Reply


From left: David Starobin, Poul Ruders, and Becky Starobin

David Starobin (BM ’73, Guitar) and Becky Starobin (BM ’73, Violin) wrote the libretto for an opera, The Thirteenth Child, which was previewed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York during a “Works and Process” event that explored how the librettists, composer, and creative team worked to bring this opera to life. The opera was composed by Poul Ruders. The full work will be premiered at Santa Fe Opera on July 27 of this year.