Grace Null Performs with Maryland Opera Reply

Attach27867_20190829_202358Preparatory vocalist Grace Null was invited to perform as a soloist alongside professional singers in Maryland Opera’s “Opera in the Park” event on August 29, part of  Mount Vernon Place Conservancy’s Summer in the Squares concert series. Grace, a junior at Towson High School, was one of two singers from Maryland Opera’s 2019 camp for high school students selected to perform. She studies at Peabody Preparatory with Madeleine Gray and is also a member of Peabody Children’s Chorus.

Guest blog: Traveling with Tuned-In 2

_JHU5253As a member of the Peabody Preparatory Winds, Brass, and Percussion Congregation and Peabody Tuned-In program, I’m given the opportunity to take free lessons at Peabody, have access to unique as well as unconventional performance opportunities, travel across the U.S to teach disadvantaged kids music and other skills, and be on a full scholarship to be a member of and have access to all Peabody Prep resources and ensembles. More…

Tuned In Wind Brass Percussion Congregation to Tour Detroit Reply

The Preparatory’s Tuned-In Wind Brass Percussion Congregation, led by faculty artist Dan Trahey (BM ’00, Tuba, Music Education), will travel to Detroit, Mich. for a week of collaborations, performances, and classes. They will experience partnerships with the Detroit Symphony, Detroit African American Culture Museum, Detroit’s Juneteenth Celebration, and many local artists as well as an educational week long workshop with Accent Pontiac where Preparatory students will be leading classes and conducting the students. The group will be in Detroit June 17-21.

Iman Williams Wins Scholarship Competition Reply

Preparatory alum Iman Williams, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, won the 25th annual Sigma Alpha Iota scholarship competition for VCU women in the Music Department in 2019. She was also just awarded the Frances Blaisdell scholarship through the National Flute Association 2019. She will be sharing her experience at the conference with the Flutist Quarterly magazine afterwards. ​In 2018, she was the winner of the VCU Symphony Concerto Competition and performed in December 2018. She also attended Imani Winds’ Chamber Music Festival at Manhattan School of Music.