Susan Forscher Weiss Wins DELTA Grant Reply

Susan Forscher WeissMusicology faculty member Susan Forscher Weiss was one of six recipients of the first Digital Education and Learning Technology Acceleration, or DELTA, grants. Her project, called “Hacking Harmony,” will work students in creating apps and wearable technology that enhances music performance and history. The grands offer up to $75,000 to each recipient to develop, implement, and evaluate new digital education initiatives that can enhance teaching and learning at Johns Hopkins, whether online or on its campuses.

Laura Protano-Biggs Receives Catalyst Award Reply

Laura Protano-BiggsMusicology faculty member Laura Protano-Biggs is the recipient of a 2018 Johns Hopkins Catalyst Award for her project: Operatic Technologies in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy. Each of the 32 recipients of the award received $75,000 to fund a year-long project. Protano-Biggs is the only recipient from Peabody.

Naomi Andre Presents “Working Catfish Row: Writing, Teaching, and Singing Porgy and Bess” Reply

Naomi AndreNaomi Andre, University of Michigan, will visit Peabody as part of the Musicology Colloquium series to deliver a talk entitled “Working Catfish Row: Writing, Teaching, and Singing Porgy and Bess” on Tuesday, April 24 at 5:30 pm in Conservatory Building 308C.

Colloquia are free and open to the public.