The Student Teaches the Teacher  Reply

2019-06-19 Instrument Maker Space-158

Susan Weiss and Yin Zhu

On a steamy afternoon in late June, deep in the basement of Leakin Hall, Peabody associate professor of musicology Susan Weiss is working with a student who recently completed the veteran teacher’s course on the history of musical instruments.

Weiss’ co-teacher, Nathan Scott, has given her the summer to make her own instrument, a practical component to the class that the students experience but that Weiss is unable to undertake during the months she is teaching. On this day, Weiss and Yin Zhu (MM ’19, Vocal Accompanying) are chiseling away at wood that is supporting the shape of the cello they are crafting by hand. More…

Susan Forscher Weiss to Lecture this Summer Reply

Susan Forscher WeissFaculty artist Susan Forscher Weiss, musicology, has given and will give a number of lectures this summer. On May 8, she gave a lecture “The Art of String Quartet Playing” in conjunction with a performance by the Escher String Quartet as a part of the Candlelight Concert Society’s season. She also spoke as a part of the Shriver Hall Concert and Lecture Series, one accompanied by Yin Zhu (GPD ’17, MM ’19, Vocal Accompanying) and Katherine Holobinko (BM ’19, Voice). On June 17, she will present a seminar at McGill University called “Roman de Volvelle: Revolving wheels in Renaissance music theory texts.” In July, she will travel to Basel where she will present her paper “Originality and Imitation in Sixteenth-Century Musical Grammars: The Curious Case of Ambrosius Wilfflingseder’s Erotemata Musices (Nuremberg, 1563)” at the Medieval Renaissance Meetings.

Susan Forscher Weiss on Podcast Reply

Susan Forscher WeissPeabody musicology faculty member Susan Forscher Weiss is featured in the latest episode of The Big Pond, a podcast that covers different German-American topics. This episode is all about St. Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century nun, writer, composer, mystic, and visionary. Sarah Berger (MM ’00, Voice) is also in this episode.