Oliver Thorndike Published in the International Journal of Philosophy, Con-Textos Kantianos Reply

Oliver ThorndikeLiberal Arts Assistant Professor Oliver Thorndike’s recent study on Immanuel Kant’s “Theory of Music” was published in the International Journal of Philosophy, Con-Textos Kantianos, on December 16. Thorndike first presented his article at the Seminario Kant y la filosofía clásica alemana (Kant Seminar and German Classical Philosophy) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City in August 2021.

Jelena Runić Gave a Guest Presentation for Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Reply

jelena-runic-2On September 25, liberal arts faculty member Jelena Runić gave a video guest presentation for Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, the first Sino-British university, located in Suzhou, China. The title of the presentation was “English Language Teaching Methods: The Rise and Fall of the Grammar-Translation Method.

Jelena Runić Published Reply

jelena-runic-2Faculty member Jelena Runić, liberal arts, published “Strong Pronouns in Slavic and Japanese” in the book Current Developments in Slavic Linguistics: Twenty Years After, based on selected papers from the 11th European conference of Formal Description of Slavic Languages, and a guest paper by Noam Chomsky, pp. 401-410, edited by Teodora Radeva-Bork and Peter Kosta.