Brian Ganz Featured in What’s Up Annapolis Reply

ganzFaculty artist Brian Ganz, piano, was featured in What’s Up Annapolis in an article called “Undercover Stars Among Us” by Janice F. Booth. The article highlights some of the Annapolis area’s most notable residents. Ganz talks about how he found his way through the music world, and his work with local charities is celebrated. Ganz is a noted player of Chopin’s music, which is what makes him stand out.

Ah Young Hong Reviewed in Washington Post Reply

ah young hon thresholAh Young Hong (BM ’98, MM ’01, Voice) made her directing debut in a performance of Michael Hersch’s (BM ’95, MM ’97, Composition) On the Threshold of Winter at the Corcoran Music Festival, which began last weekend. The performance was reviewed in The Washington Post by Anne Midgette, who praised the performance for its humanity and truth.