Charmonika! Reply

Graduate student Michael Scott-Nelson recently created a virtual concertina/accordion/bayan called the Charmonika. You can choose your finger mapping to allow your computer keyboard to be used like a variety of different folk instruments. Optionally, use your mouse to control the bellows! Pictures, videos, and the software itself will be available before December. Visit Michael’s website for more information on the Charmonika and other projects he is currently working on.

Recording wins at Shure competition Reply

A recording engineered by the fourth-year class received a third-place honorable mention award the Shure Fantastic Scholastic 6 Recording Competition.  Members of the team are Jason Rogers, Dan Price, Dan Cherouny, Weichao Xu and Ian Lowther.  This recording, with the Philadelphia-based band The Defog, was produced in Studio A at Peabody during the January 2010 break.