New recordings by Chesley Kahmann Reply

Four new recordings by Chesley Kahmann (Parsons) (’58, Composition) have been published by Orbiting Clef Productions, including Call Me A Dreamer and Collision, which are Vol. 8 and 6 of The Kahmann Touch series of songs sung by The Interludes, Kahmann’s long-time singing group. Love Scenes (Vol. 9) sung by Jennifer McBride with Kahmann performing on piano and her son Ames Parsons on trumpet. The Music Box 2 includes 12 piano compositions.

CD released with works by Vivian Adelberg Rudow Reply

Sound Portraits – A compilation of compositions by Vivian Adelberg Rudow (TC ’57, BM ’60, Piano; MM ’79, Composition) from 1989 to 2012, which includes a variety of styles and performers from solo pianists to the London Philharmonic.

Study by Bastepe-Gray, Gray, and Sobel will be presented at PAMA Symposium Reply

A study by faculty members Serap Bastepe-Gray (BM ’96, MM ’99, Guitar) and Julian Gray (BM ’79, MM ’82, Guitar) and Master of Music candidate David Sobel was accepted for presentation at the 2013 Symposium of the Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA) in conjunction with the Aspen Music Festival and School. Titled “Return to Symptom-Free Guitar Performance Following Severe Lateral Epicondylitis: A Successful Work Hardening Program,” the study examines a successful and speedy return to instrumental performance following injury through the implementation of a three-pronged program. The Symposium will take place in Snowmass, Colo., on July 20-23.