Roomful of Teeth Performs Judah Adashi’s my heart comes undone Reply

Roomful of TeethOn June 21, Grammy-award winning ensemble Roomful of Teeth performed my heart comes undone, by faculty composer Judah Adashi (MM ’02, DMA ’11, Composition), at the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colo. In the New Yorker, music critic Alex Ross wrote about a June 20 rehearsal of the work: “Roomful of Teeth began to sing my heart comes undone, by the Baltimore-based composer Judah Adashi—a rapt meditation that draws elements from Björk’s song ‘Unravel.’ A moment later, the storm broke. Gusts buffeting the exterior created an apocalyptic bass rumble; lashes of rain sounded like a hundred snare drums. The voices bobbed on the welter of noise, sometimes disappearing into it and sometimes riding above. As Adashi’s music subsided, the storm subsided in turn. In my experience, music has never seemed closer to nature.” A live recording of the performance Ross describes can be heard here.


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