Duo Amaral Releases New CD Titled Key West 1

jorgeamaral1Mia Pomerantz-Amaral (BM ’06, MM ’07, GPD ’08, Guitar) and Jorge Amaral (GPD ’04, MM ’06, Guitar) of Duo Amaral have released their third collaborative album, Key West, featuring Latin American music for two guitars. The concept transpired from an original work Key West Suite which the duo commissioned from Cuban-American composer Jose Lezcano. Other composers featured on Key West include Sergio Assad, Radames Gnattali, and Egberto Gismonti of Brazil, and Uruguayan Guido Santorsola. Key West offers a unique concert program with a fusion of cultural influences, echoing the richness of Latin American musical heritage. Aramal Duo continues to collaborate with Grammy award-winning master recording artist and engineer Charlie Pilzer.

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