Peabody Harp Department Presents Baltimore Dimensions at Thursday Noon Reply


Walking into Cohen-Davison Family Theatre on Thursday, the audience knew this wouldn’t be a typical recital. Maybe it was the beams of purple light swirling across the walls, stage, and ceiling. This was a sneak peak at the Peabody Harp Department’s new multimedia project, Baltimore Dimensions. The 11 musicians took the stage one by one, each performance framed by a projected video created by local artists: Flamenco dancers, Hubble telescope images, glass blowers, industrial machinery, and more. One piece featured an abstracted live-feed from a miniature camera mounted by the harpist’s hands. The goal of the project is to “highlight the stunning breadth of artistic creativity in our city.” The full performance will be repeated at the Walters Art Museum on Friday, April 7, at noon, before traveling to Hong Kong this July for a special presentation at the 2017 World Harp Congress. Read more about Baltimore Dimensions and help fund their journey at, or on the Peabody Harp Department Facebook page.

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Photography by Ben Johnson


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