Susan Weiss Lectures on A Cole Porter Companion March 15 at the Evergreen Museum Reply

susan_weirssOn Wednesday, March 15, at 6:30 pm, musicology faculty member Susan Forscher Weiss, will give a lecture on her book A Cole Porter Companion titled “A Bubbly Élan Worthy of the Master Himself.” She will be joined by her fellow co-editor Matthew Shaftel, dean of Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University, and Cole Porter scholar Lynn Laitman Siebert, director of arts participation and communication at Morris Arts. Melissa Wimbish (GPD ’11, Voice; GPD ’14, Chamber Music), Sarah Berger (MM ’00, Voice), and Choo Choo Hu (BM ’10, GPD ’12, Piano) will perform Porter works. The event will take place at the Evergreen Museum & Library’s Bakst Theatre in Baltimore. Find more information and tickets here.


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