Celebrating Peabody Founder’s Day Reply

tiag-postcard-signing-img_2813All around Peabody’s campus yesterday, there were blue ribbons and posters depicting fellow students, staff, and faculty members. They were posted to celebrate Founder’s Day, the day that George Peabody signed Peabody’s founding documents 159 years ago – February 12, 1857. To honor his philanthropy and all the donors who have continued to support the Institute he named, a table was set up in the Grand Arcade for members of the Peabody community to sign thank you cards for donors to the Peabody annual fund. They even received a homemade brownie for their efforts. (The Preparatory celebrated on Saturday, February 11.)

The posters included quotes from alumni, staff, and faculty explaining why they give to Peabody. One featuring Amanda Williams (MM ’13, GPD ’14, Voice) reads, “I give because I believe that art has the power to change lives for the better. It certainly has fulfilled mine, and I can see that same joy on the faces of our audiences.”

Another poster on campus gave statistics on giving at Peabody including the total number of donors last year: 1,278; total giving to Peabody last year: $4,075,500; and a 32% increase in the Peabody endowment since 2011.

Because of the generosity of George Peabody and donors like him, every day is a gift at Peabody. Founder’s Day gives us the chance each year to remember the gifts and the donors behind them that contribute so much to our musical lives.

For more information about giving opportunities, please visit peabody.jhu.edu/giving.


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