Peabody Diversity Fund and Mateen Milan Featured by Johns Hopkins Rising Reply

mateen-milan_peabody-diversity-fund_baltimore-sun_cropped-for-slideshowAn article on Peabody’s Diversity Fund has been featured on Johns Hopkins Rising in article titled Change can come, but it has to be nurtured. The fund, generously donated by Rheda Becker and Robert E. Meyerhoff,  will help provide a music education for socioeconomically disadvantaged youth in Baltimore and address the challenge of attracting underrepresented minorities to the Peabody faculty and staff, providing teacher role models for students, and making the Institute accessible to new audiences through outreach programs. Among Dean Fred Bronstein’s top priorities for the fund is creating additional full scholarships for the Tuned In program and strengthening support for Peabody’s Baltimore Scholars. Dean Bronstein also plans to apply the resources to attract and retain faculty of color through a variety of means, such as Distinguished Visiting Artist appointments and residencies. The article narrates the positive impact of Peabody’s outreach programs through the testimonial of current Conservatory sophomore, Mateen Milan. His complete testimonial can be found here.


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