Kuei-I Wu Featured in The Frederick News Post’s 72 Hours Reply

wu_kuei-iAlumna Kuei-I Wu (MM ’99, Piano) was featured in The Frederick News Post‘s 72 Hours in an interview on the new Hood College professor’s art and teaching. When asked about a time in her life where she was heavily influenced by a teacher, she cited a moment with Boris Slutsky. She recalled, “There were so many times I felt the struggle as a classical musician and I doubted if I should continue. That day I asked him, ‘Why should I keep doing this? Because it’s so difficult.’ He just asked me this simple question, “’Do you believe in God?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m a Christian.’ So he said, ‘Just think about this. If you’re God, what would you think knowing this person that you give so much talent to, she’s not doing anything with it?’ And that kind of sits with me.” She completed the interview by encouraging students to keep classical music alive by remaining dedicated and passionate towards it.


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