Jake Runestad Receives White House Performance, Upcoming New York Opera Premiere, and More Reply

Choral-Arts-at-the-White-House-1024x683Daughters of the Bloody Duke, an opera by Jake Runestad (MM ’11, Composition) will have its New York premiere performed by The American Lyric Theatre on Sunday, February 7 at 2:30 pm at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. Mr. Runestad’s Let My Love Be Heard was performed at the White House by Choral Arts (Seattle) under Robert Bode for a special event including Barack and Michelle Obama in October 2015. Mr. Runestad guest conducted his The Peace of Wild Things at the Cal State Long Beach Bob Cole Honors Festival, which took place on January 8-10. His Nyon Nyon, Dereva Ni Mungu, and Alleluia were performed at Luther College’s Dorian Vocal Festival, held January 9-11, and Dreams of the Fallen was performed by pianist Jeffrey Biegel and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus in November 2015.


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